Boldo Tea Fasting What is it for Benefits For Your Health And Beauty
Boldo Tea Fasting What is it for Benefits For Your Health And Beauty

Boldo Tea Fasting What is it for Benefits For Your Health And Beauty

Introduction Of Boldo Tea Fasting What is it for Benefits For Your Health And Beauty

Boldo Tea Fasting What is it for Benefits For Your Health And Beauty. There are home remedies that one many times can be made up at home or you can hear from the neighbor to be able to always use for the liver for the stomach etc. there are home remedies that have been used for more than thousands of years and boldo tea is a remedy that has been used since Europe since Greece because the Greeks and Romans did eat, ate and ate a lot they had these feasts of terrible feasts and then resorted to tea of boldo because it improved their digestion and impaired the liver. bile improved the digestion of fats from heavy foods that had been consumed and for decades and hundreds of years.

It has actually been used by humans for hundreds

It is already known that Boldo is used for just that, improving the liver, improving digestion, etc. but it turns out that scientists always tell the truth the Doctors always say it scientifically proven but It has actually been used by humans for hundreds of years and now we just had to wait 4000 years for science to come and scientifically prove something that we already knew thousands of years ago that boldo tea did work for that today and doctors prescribe because little by little with natural medicine little by little with social networks little by little, with videos, patients reach a hospital and the doctor says I have had boldo tea and I have improved my liver and the doctor wonders. Read More Boldo Tea Fasting What is it for Benefits For Your Health And Beauty.

Why he never studied medicine at his university and start using it and see that it works with your patients and do not be fooled by something that your doctor might be that such once it does not work because it is not scientifically proven it is already scientifically proven, it is already known that boldo tea is used for next so the first benefit of boldo tea turns out to be that boldo tea Boldo makes the gallbladder the gallbladder that is the gallbladder is a small green sack for the color of the bile that is green that that sack stains green is under the liver and very low in the liver accumulates bile and when we are eating a meal that is perhaps fatty or protein and heavy that green sack that vesicles tightens and throws the bile into digestion so that we can digest it when you have poor digestion that you have to drink a boldo tea.

The gallbladder is activated it throws out

Because you drink boldo tea the gallbladder is activated it throws out the bile makes it digests and improves fats improves protein improves everything you have to digest so you don’t have digestive problems so drink boldo tea digestion problems problem because you ate too much inflammation problem I drank boldo tea, the boldo tea will activate the gallbladder, it will eliminate the bile and it will be with which you can better digest your meals and that very important that you have an interesting question don’t forget to leave your questions we have 700 people watching this video at these 24 minutes from por Please like the video so that it will be 700 likes, do not forget, press there we will reach 700 in a minute we have to have 700 likes this el Castro and mickey and Fabiola ask the same doctor, I suffer from fatty liver, it will be that.


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I can consume dear Esther dear my dear frank who have to consume it, do not wait for them to tell you that it is not scientifically proven drink boldo tea every day drink milk thistle take dandelion tea for fatty liver for improving liver health for clinical belt not to improve liver digestion I took something like the pistol is in this ending the first essence is a supplement that is 50 times more concentrated than the same herb in against nature the best herb for fig concentrated 50 times you are going to take a capsule and what you are taking is 50 capsules per ability of that capsule of sense crystals to improve your fatty liver improve your digestion improve everything.

The liver and its functioning

That has to do with the liver and its functioning here I have another question well it did not go with we asked how the second benefit of boldo tea is laxative some people do not know that and many times Jaime del stomach does not I ate too much I am with this how swollen I drank boldo tea because boldo tea improves digestion with the liver and with what you have eaten will be with which you go to the bathroom will improve the intestinal transit will accelerate digestion so that food passes as soon as possible and do not cause damage or gas or discomfort here I have another question let’s quickly answer the other question.

They ask me here Laura Santos says and Imelda Figueroa asks the same doctor, I no longer have gallbladder will be that there is some problem at all you can consume the tea of boldo because the liver is the one that is going to get the best out of it so take advantage of the number 3 third benefit turns out to be that boldo tea has something called Boldin always when a substance is extracted that healthy for the body scientists name it after the same herb that Boldin was found from boldo and that Boldin makes our immunity can be raised those people who are drinking boldo tea for the liver they will not only improve the liver but the gallbladder stomach digestion even immunity so I took advantage The bowl tell what the bowl has and use as long.

That we reach 8 100 we have 800 people watching the video so please like the video press it no it costs nothing it is simple to stretch your finger remove the laziness that squeezes the finger very well there it is ok now if we continue Elizabeth Fonseca says like this my son has many gases will be that it can help you dear Elizabeth can help you is more I suggest you take advantage of your child getting or getting a supplement with digestive enzymes because sometimes it is not just a problem it must from the liver but also from the pancreas has to produce its enzymes for you to digest or your child can digest your meals so very very important ok number.

Which is a periodic direct antipyretic pyretic

Three or four fourth benefit is antibacterial and antipyretic which is a periodic direct antipyretic pyretic fever heartburn is fever antipyretic heat fever so yes you have an anti-vaccine problem bacteria in your stomach because you dropped bad food. After all, he had food poisoning. After all, he had diarrhea or whoever it is, take boldo because boldo is antibacterial and also antipyretic anti-fever that is, we can also liver-kidney ney digestion pancreas gallbladder everything here I have another question let’s answer we are quickly reaching 1000 to 1000 followers please give like to the video do not forget talk m / mask to talkCarlaarla you should throw.

It or carlCarlal it doesn’t matter if we have stones in the gallbladder with the dangerous ones for nothing at all because it’s not like what fat does the fat makes the gallbladder tighten and makes that gallbladder and aggressively dump bile the bolus does not do the same the bolus does the gallbladder to contract but not in an aggressive way and therefore those The stones are not in danger of getting stuck or creating a problem for you so do not worry how the boldo is prepared the boldo the best edge is the boldo that you can have in your house the boldo that you grow in your garden the boldo that you watered that boldo that you gave him love.

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