Cooking With Coconut Oil What's It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty
Cooking With Coconut Oil What's It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty

Cooking With Coconut Oil What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty

Introduction Of Cooking With Coconut Oil What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty

Cooking With Coconut Oil What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty. The supermarket for example sunflower oil canola oil soybean oil soya oil maybe as it says in your country and we take poison to the home because it is known that those oils now nowadays cause all kinds of problems even fetal malformations some studies say it does but we continue to buy and We continue to harm our health and we are surprised that we reach 30 years with high cholesterol and we do not know why it is good because we eat garbage so cook with coconut oil first benefit of coconut oil I take the opportunity to tell you to forget like the video first benefit of olive oil coconut turns out to be.

When one consumes foods like fritters of any type

That one loses weight when one consumes foods like fritters of any type of oil at home fried patties maybe some fried meat or whatever is fried, one tends to get fat because that makes us causes a cholesterol rise problem even gain weight now if you consume oils that are a medium-chain that is, from Miriam Pheriche, nor access to the medium-chain, they are oils that they are much healthier to digest then the body will burn more easily fats will burn more easily all that it is sugar and everything that is cholesterol and quickly that is to be able to help you lower I have seen how people who change their cooking oil with coconut oil improve your weight loss there are people for example.

Who goes from the office I tell him to cook with coconut oil and they will come back in 23 months if Doctors tell me I’ve been cooking with coconut oil I see it and I realize or I see it and I realize that it is thinner it is less swollen of the face looks better looks with much better vision so use coconut oil to cook I don’t eat junk oil don’t buy hydrogenated oil don’t buy oil corn canola sunflower don’t ok and let me know if you want us to do a video about that is worth it here I have a question Interesting, what just happened, they just happened to me, Marcela tells me Calizaya asks me, the author, would it be okay to consume coconut oil for people. Read More Cooking With Coconut Oil What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty.

Who have poor circulation, of course, dear Marcela, there is no problem even better if you consume coconut oil for circulation because it will improve the level of cholesterol and cholesterol covers the arteries if you improve cholesterol improves with consuming coconut is also going to improve circulation so there is no problem here I have another question Mariah the bandit asks me from Colombia the doctor is the coconut oil is good for people with acne because of it hormonal disorder I’m wondering maria turns out the following acne is a condition in which you have to be very careful about what you consume fats coconut oil is not the best oil for acne flaxseed oil is the best oil for acne.

Consume some kind of oil instead of coconut oil

So if you want to consume some kind of oil instead of coconut oil whatever is flaxseed oil or even olive oil but each one is different here I have another question let’s go to respond quickly Angie tells me m he tells me the doctor is It is true that it helps for the mushrooms It is true dear Angie let’s go with it the second benefit of coconut oil all those people they were wanting to do some sort of mushroom cleaning in a row they can use coconut oil because coconut oil It consumes rather has something called lauric acid, lauric acid is an acid that kills everything that says about the fungus and the person who Consume help that can also eliminate candida yeast problems that you can have in the intestine in the body everywhere more dermatologists use it on the skin even in their patients.


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Because helps to eliminate the fungus so you can use it if you have problems from candida look for the can defense define doctor landívar dot com and also check that when there is a yeast problem that the woman many times may have vaginal candidates coconut oil may be placed internally To improve that it will also help you, even if you don’t believe it, here I have another question let’s answer tell me to steve Stephanie sure me I ask author I would like to know if it is good to cook as you do as with animal oil like lard dear Stephanie animal fat is more healthy than cooking with hydrogenated oil from grains like corn sunflower, etc. as incredible as it may seem, lard is more healthy and even grain oils that.

It is much better than those deciles toxic

We can consume but is not healthier than flaxseed or olive coconut oil so there it is in between but it does work and it is much better than those deciles toxic that we can consume number 5 or number 3 but the third benefit is excellent for diets that you if you have you are dieting that this for example that you have to lose weight and have to produce more ketones that can help you diet better than this improves diet for losing weight improves cholesterol production improves HDL balance and LDL and we go to the fourth benefit improves my good cholesterol we have good cholesterol and we have bad cholesterol.

The good cholesterol is called HDL or high density that weighed down and the another is called low-density cholesterol are two types of cholesterol turns out to be that coconut oil raises good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol that is what is often wanted in a cholesterol treatment to raise the good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol so if you have not consumed it yet, you need it, take it every day and it can improve your health here I have another question let’s answer they told me to ca Maribel that has been me I ask doctor, are there some very liquid oils, how do we know if it is good or not? dear Maribel very good question how do you know if coconut oil is pure no very simple.

The temperature is a little colder

When the temperature is a little colder below room temperature below 24 degrees the coconut oil will come back with lumps you are going to see small groups and it is going to stat to solidify if it’s cold becomes solid now becomes hard if it is above the ambient temperature of 26 30 degrees 40 degrees then that oil is quite liquid that oil that changes state is pure oil that is the oil that you have to search before continuing although we have 750 people watching the video for Please let us reach 750 likes, press that button so that let’s just get there and here it could be that little we continue with the video very well the fourth benefit fifth benefit here.

I have another question let’s answer quickly we will answer here he tells me muñoz garment ask me author se take it will be taken on an empty stomach darling offers there is no problem people with fungal problems can take a teaspoon of coconut oil every day nothing happens is excellent and will help you a lot with all that number 4 fifth benefit turns out to be that it is already known and It has now been found that brain function improves in people who have memory problems, trouble remembering things, or have family members, dad, mom grandparents and grandparents who have had Alzheimer’s or dementia problems drink coconut oil or consume coconut oil cook with coconut oil.

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