Red Apple Juice a Day Does This Red Apple Benefits and Contraindications

Red Apple Juice a Day Does This Red Apple Benefits and Contraindications

Introduction Of Red Apple Juice a Day Does This Red Apple Benefits and Contraindications

Red Apple Juice a Day Does This Red Apple Benefits and Contraindications. I saw them now more I have here from Peru California mary gómez asks me, greets me from bolivia fab and chipsets mef angels greet from Italy Venezuela to bolivia Argentina Colombia Mexico from Chiapas concepción Alvarez I say hello here from Australia a big hello to Australia here I have to show off He to Chávez to all of you a big hug and a big greeting, excellent question and actually.

The red apple because I talk a lot about the green apple and I have told you

I wanted for a long time to talk about the red apple because I talk a lot about the green apple and I have told you that the Green apple has many health benefits so today we are going to discover do not forget to like the article as I said yesterday it is going to catch fire your phone if you don’t press that button and that finger will change it to a black one so squeeze how fast so that once you get out of that problem and not go unless you have technical problems later, ok, don’t forget that below the screen there is also a button in blue that says join to join where they can be part of this beautiful community and thus we are part of a community natural that can help us improve our health.

A lot so let’s start what is the red apple for the red apple I advance you does not even reach the heels of the benefits that the green apple we are going to compare exactly today what it is for together with the red apple and because nowadays the red apple making the healthiest is the green one so Let’s start first benefit or contraindication of red apple first benefit is the fact that it contains something that many doctors they just recommend consuming it for that specific reason and are the prebiotics or pectin prebiotics.

What are prebiotics are substances that can make our bacteria in our body become can replicate multiply and get healthy to help us to digest food to absorb nutrients to produce vitamins make a world and countless great things for health improve our digestion because it is a prior attic, something that comes before the probiotics that by the way we all need so do not stop consuming probiotics and can whenever possible better than a yogurt better than any product you can consume with just one bacteria or a single probiotic is a supplement that has a wide variety of bacteria and probiotics to help you something like that comes from Finland.

The red apple still helps to lose weight excellent

So you already know red apple that it does is a prebiotic or it helps to be able to form more bacteria and healthier digestive mind and throughout the body here I have an interesting question that they just asked me weaver virus asks me, doctor, the red apple still helps to lose weight excellent question dear with me and here comes the first contraindication of the red apple I see that people tell me, doctor, I’m on a diet and suddenly I eat a good red apple between meals so that I no longer get hungry mistake if you realize the red apple after eating it will make the person hungrier it is not a good idea to consume a red apple when you are dieting or wanting to stop eating.

The red apple it is not useful for dieting first because it has a lot of sugar and second because When one consumes him, he makes him person is hungrier than normal so if you have that problem health or if you really want to lose weight do not eat red apple if do not believe me do the test do the test start eating an apple red between meals when they are hungry and they will see that when a a little hunger an hour two hours later they will have another hunger again more anxiety to eat because it just whets the appetite now if the are going to use to whet the appetite in children or perhaps be able to take advantage of that the person eat more to be able to increase muscle mass and eat more amount of fiber or protein and eat a plate of red apple food like this but dear Whitmore.

If you do with that you consume whitney if you consume the red apple and do this to lose weight no It’s going to help you, it’s going to make you hungrier than usual, here I have another question. Interesting, what did you just do to me? Let’s answer it, let’s answer it here. Nemesio says case of bru asks me the doctor will it be the same it is the same food or smoothie very good question ask dear Nemesio second contraindication of the red apple has many benefits there is no doubt but we are going to talk about the contraindication asking one and a half that from there I would not suggest you eat an apple red in a smoothie because the red apple is extremely sweet.

It has a lot of sugar enough sugar if you consume it in whole pulp the apple

It has a lot of sugar enough sugar if you consume it in whole pulp the apple-like the fruit itself is going to be a good there because it has fiber and it will prevent you don’t have to absorb as much sugar but if you make a juice it is the same as making an orange juice because you are injecting the sugar to your blood and you don’t even realize there are a lot of people who take for example Hugo Verde and puts a red apple on it, don’t put a red apple on it put the green apple on it because the green apple will reduce the sugar in the blood if it will have benefits for the liver and if it will help to lose weight not so much like the red apple so pay very important attention here.

I have another interesting question that just happened to me We are going to answer, he says, Analí Hernández asks me the author Diabetics will be better the red or green anal wound and the green one for life because the green one will help you to regulate the sugar the red apple he is only going to upload it so I paid attention to that apple green yes once a day but you have to be careful what one has and what does one need so that it can be used and improved truly is an excellent way number 3 third benefits if you you have constipation.

YOU CAN ALSO RAED You Have Allergies And You Don’t Know It This Is How Allergies Manifest And Nobody Knows How To Eliminate Them

You have stomach problems you have that many times stagnation with digestion or directly not hungry eat se red apple because red apple accelerates digestion just like a leaf green lettuce or whatever the red apple has that purpose of speed up digestion so that you can go to the bathroom has the famous pectin and increased fiber also those two things together increase hunger increases how fast you go to the bathroom and also increases prebiotics and the good one so red apple for him constipation digestion and hunger yes sir you can consume it here.

I have This is Andizhán questions and the doctor asks me if he cooks, will he lose his dear properties andy can cook it there is no problem that I repeat I always prefer green apple than red apple in my refrigerator there is no red apple from time to time I buy one or another I eat one red apple but it makes me hungry so I prefer to avoid them and I prefer to eat a green apple to lower my sugar and maintain my body always asking me for healthy food that is a plate of food a protein a chicken a fish etcetera etcetera etcetera.

The green apple is not wanted for the bones to anything that if the red apple

So it is very very important number four fourth benefit of the red apple and you will believe it this for all those who have bone problems have weak bones osteoporosis osteopenia the red apple is for you three fruits in which the red apple contains this in four fora and they say it is called and boron two ingredients that are going to make the bone classifiable than bone it can be stolen and that the bone can last well that if you have bone problems, even joint problems consume a red apple every day and for you to see even as the green apple is many times sought by.

That type of people will notice that the green apple is not wanted for the bones to anything that if the red apple is, here I have a number I have another question and After this one that just happened to me, let’s answer, Altagracia Garcia tells me Question always presents a big greeting Altagracia I don’t know how to forget like the article it must be eaten peeled or unpeeled very good question dear Altagracia all the fruits all the vegetables that you can consume without peel they consume the with the peel do not want.

The peel because the peel of any fruit especially when it is organic not many touches and many toxins many insecticides and many ingredients that can cause harm, always consume it with the peel and with everything you can come inside the same fruit, in this case, the red apple seed I do not recommend consuming because it contains cyanide and if it is consumed in large amounts can even be toxic to death so beware with the apple seed they can consume it with the peel better still consume in the green apple along with that peel instead.

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