This Destroys Your Metabolism Things You Do Every Day That Slow Down Or Slow Your Metabolism

This Destroys Your Metabolism Things You Do Every Day That Slow Down Or Slow Your Metabolism

Introduction Of This Destroys Your Metabolism Things You Do Every Day That Slow Down Or Slow Your Metabolism

This Destroys Your Metabolism Things You Do Every Day That Slow Down Or Slow Your Metabolism. There can be no health without good metabolism and everything from diabetes heart disease weight loss or memory even cancer can be improved or worsened with the metabolic the secret is not to make some of the most common mistakes that many times we consider healthy that destroy our metabolism without we realize so that in the article add 5 of the errors more common.

We all commit daily that slow down our metabolism

That we all commit daily that slow down our metabolism and how to boost it to cure any disease number 1 do not eat protein not eating protein is a serious mistake go eat enough protein is extremely important to be able to make metabolism and weight can be maintained in addition to helping us feel full and satisfied with the intake of protein can significantly increase the speed of which our body burns calories the increase in metabolic rate what happens after digestion is called thermogenic effect of food.

Which is the amount of energy that you require to be able to digest a certain type of food studies indicate that protein intake temporarily increases metabolism by about 20 to 30 percent in comparison with other types of foods such as carbohydrates, fats, etc. and it is that is why since carbohydrates or fat generally do not work in a study for example and participants who followed three different types of diets and found that those who ate the most protein had a better weight loss than the rest of the participants so start to consume fish organic poultry grass-fed cattle, etc. very important if you want your metabolism to function.

The sedentary lifestyle if you want to have a working metabolism you have to move being sedentary or sitting all day without an activity physical or without having a plan even an agenda during the day is going to put slower your metabolism millions of people today have a life that mainly applies to sitting in a job which has negative effects on a metabolic rate for general health if you move you are forcing your body you can burn more energy to keep your physical activity going and that speeds up your metabolism the more you move faster will be your metabolic rate now I understand that many people can not the luxury of doing 50 maybe an hour or an hour and a half of exercise every day.

Who clean your home tend to have less diabetes heart disease

But if you move, you get up from the couch, walk around and do the making it at home may be even cleaning improves your metabolic rate because do you think there are new scientific studies that say that those who clean your home tend to have less diabetes heart disease and cancer precisely for that very reason that I just explained if you need a natural formula good quality that you can use to improve your metabolic rate and at the same time reduce your fatty liver and any consequences.

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That may see with your bad lifestyle seek the support of file in the doctor Vandiver dotcom not getting enough sleep not sleeping will destroy your health sleep can slow your metabolic rate or speed it up and believe me just sleeping less than two hours a day increases your risk of getting diseases including heart disease diabetes depression pressure high and countless health conditions many studies have indicated that inadequate sleep or poor quality sleep can lower your metabolic rate In other words, to gain weight, I have seen it happen many, many Sometimes.

The one who does not sleep gains weight now gets fat the same thing happens if you sleep too much if you sleep too little or sleep too much you will gain weight your metabolic rate is going to ruin your hormones are going to blow up and you will not be able to regulate your health as you wish I suggest you do your best to take melatonin and 5 at all if you can I have been taking it for over 15 years and have never had a problem with a weight loss with lack of energy with health and so on look for melatonin and 5 top of fainá from doctor landívar dotcom number 4 eating very few calories this may surprise many people but it is true the person.

The body recognizes that the lack of calories has to make it save your energy

Who eats very few calories causes a significant decrease in their metabolism that is the reason why, for example, many people go on diets extremes lose a couple of kilos get excited and suddenly stagnate no can continue to lose weight and that happens because the body recognizes that the lack of calories has to make it save your energy. After all, you know there is going to be a terrible time where you will not eat if you make an extreme diet where you eat very few calories does not give your body protein.

It does not give you the necessary fat and you do not practice any type of physical activity your metabolism is going to stagnate there are hundreds of controlled studies in thin people with overweight etc. confirming that consuming less than 1000 calories per day has a significant long-term effect term stalls metabolism so be very very careful the best way to do things is done with a balanced diet 24 hours a day 7 days a week a diet other than aggressive but can also help you lose weight and help you make your metabolism work number 5 drink and eat fruits or beverages very sugary the incredible amount of drinks they are in charge of sweeteners or even highly sugary fruits destroy your metabolism.

We tend to forget that a high sugar intake is also related to many metabolic problems with resistance to insulin with diabetes with obesity all metabolic conditions if you frequently consume sugary drinks or consume fruits thinking that It is very healthy but those fruits, all very sweet, will have a long-term problem with your metabolism the body is going to get a time,.

When you will deny any sugar intake because you are over billed overvalued in the amount you are ingesting and your metabolic rate is going to stagnate and when it comes to checking it you don’t we need scientific studies to be able to see that this is true.

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